Many thanks – your crew did an excellent job and we are very pleased. Fausto was a great manager! Ronnie

Dear Mr. Williams,
Your crew did a fabulous job! Thanks again. Jane

Mr. Williams & Crew,
Thank you so much for your excellent work and help. It is much appreciated! Terry G.

Thought you might like to have copies of these. We love the improvement that a coat (or several!) made. By the way, Fausto was great, a real pleasure to work with! Anyway, thanks again! Wendi

Thanks for everything. Both jobs finished up looking great…. Gordon

Dear Mr. Williams,
Thanks for a job well done. Doug and Charley were resistant to use the wet coat on wet coat method, but it looks good and it will get you some more jobs to do. Many thanks, Jim

Dear James,
Thanks for all your hard work to make everything look great. It was very much appreciated. Sincerely, Donna